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About me and this blog

Hi all. I am Željko Vasič and in this blog I want to share my experience on how any regular person without any monetary background can become financially independant in time by following certain “rules”.

When I say “regular” person, I mean anyone, I mean you. If I could do what I did in my late thirties, so can you if you wish so, even if you are same age, younger or older then me. If this is something that you desire you can achieve it or at least maybe get some inspiration from my experiences to help you forge your own path.

I will be posting an array of blog posts regarding life, finance and more explaining how I see things, what went good for me, what went bad, what I deem imperative and what I would suggest to avoid in order to get to a point in life where you don’t have to answer to others for your own finances and are able to have a life that you desire.

Željko Vasič - Life Finance and More
Hi there, this is me

Fun Fact about me: People who know me for a longer time say that I talk alot. I guess now you know why my 1st blogpost is around 15k words long 😛

Disclaimer: This is my own approach and way of doing things, learned from my experience if it can or will work for you, I can not say as we come from different parts of the world and certain “rules” are not universal. If something works for me in my circumstances and geographical location, it may apply to you the same way or maybe not, so don’t take everything literally, but with a grain of salt and try to see how it can help you in your own scenario.

Disclaimer 2: Some of the links on the website are affiliate links from which I earn some commision in case of purchases of the products or services via those links.