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Axie Infinity staking on Binance with 115,25% Yearly return

About a month ago when I released my first few articles like:

The 5 steps plan on How to become financially independent
Top 3 Passive Income ideas

I mentioned about using Binance for staking Pancake Swap coin which at the time yielded the best returns of 31,25-42,51% yearly and was the best option available considering it is a stable and even growing in price coin.

Well, things have changed so I needed to make an update post about it or else I would feel guitly about it.

Since 1.10.2021 Axie Infinity launched it’s own staking option for the AXS coin which wasn’t immeditaly offered on Binance.

Even though I follow Axie Infintiy on twitter (which you can go and do by following the link), I was busy with plenty of other things (like this blog) so wasn’t paying too much attention at all the tweets every day.

So what happened is that after they launched the staking option, the price of Axie Infinity doubled up from it’s previous all time high and even trippled up from it’s current price at the time before the surge in price happened.

The new best Staking option on Binance -> Axie Infinity

What I generally do is check my daily staking returns and reinvest them if there is enough acrued from the returns of the mainly staked investments.

On 15.10.2021 a funny thing happened.

Perhapse it was the 16 of october.

In any case, when I was considering to restake for long or short term, I checked the available coins to stake…and imagine my surprise when I saw this:

Axie Infinity staking on Binance with 115,25% Yearly return
These returns are absurdly high! But they do pay out, I am staking my own AXS tokens and can confirm it!

Having seen this, I will put a link to this page on my previous posts, acknowledging that currently the best crypto staking coin on Binance is Axie Infinity.

Reason why I say so is that except for the fact that it offers the best staking returns, it is also a crypto based game with plenty of players and followers of the project and with a great growth potential in the years to come.

Axie Infinity Staking returns overview

As I did for CAKE coin at the time here is a table for Axie Infinity month to return ratio.

And the 115,25% is just the base, it gets sweeter for longer staking…if you manage to get in as sometimes the top return programs are already sold out:

The staking returns could possibly diminish with time, as I am not sure why they can even offer such big returns in the first place, but I know I am in while it lasts.

Conclusion about Axie Infinity Staking on Binance

If you are planing to use my 5 steps plan for financial independence, I strongly suggest that you apply the staking of Axie Infinity instead of cake as that means that your plan will need less time to come to fruition and you will be able to enjoy passive income life style sooner.

I never claim to be the smartest person in the room or around, but when I see something that is as good as this is I generally go for it.

If you are smart, you should probably go for it too while the option is available.

Else, check Axie Infinity as a game and maybe you will even find pleasure playing it and perhapse earn your Axies that way…or even some NFTs.

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