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What is this "Simple and Practical way" to find Creative Ideas?

Can you find your idea?

I call it:

Take a Walk Find an idea

…or more of them.

In this post I am going to suggest an approach that I have started just recently and it has been working great for me.

Honestly, this is sort of “The next logical step” or concept I want to mention after the post about note taking <– which you can read clicking on this link.

….so if you are ready, let’s get on with it. 

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So what do I have to do to Find Creative Ideas ?

Do a morning walk, find Creative Ideas.

Simple right?

Well, that is an approach I started employing recently.

And it works!! 

So how does it work?

The approach is rather simple.

Do you remember my post about note taking?


If you haven’t red it yet, go read it now…or after you finish digesting this piece of content.

In any case I will asume you know what I am talking about and continue.

Each morning when I wake up, I eat something (you can possibly ommit this part), grab my phone and go for a walk.

So what you might ask..?

Well the part of the phone is pretty important, or at least that is how I do it.

You can also grab a pen and a notepad if that is easier for you.

Anyhow, after you are ready, just go for a walk to some place or on a route you are comfortable with.

For me, that is going for a walk to a local coffee vending machine about a kilometer away.

…it can also be a local coffee shop or Sturbucks for those of you who have them.

coffee vending machine or starbucks? What do you use to find your creative ideas

So how exactly do I find those Creative Ideas...? By drinking pepsi?

Where is the catch, how does this help me?

I have no idea if it will help you personally as you probably need to already be working on some sort of project or idea, but if you are…

…boy, oh boy, this approach will become your best friend forever.

…or at least until you wanna keep your daily productivity to a high standard.

Taking the walk, the fresh morning air and the adrenaline that builds up in you (its similar as when you go for a run or a bike ride, except its harder to do what I am about to explain, although not impossible) or at least in me, makes the flow of creative ideas start.

While I am walking and think about my project or things I want to write about, the creativity almost magically appears.

Being a more scientifical type of person and not very mystical, I believe there is scientifical basis for this behaviour, but I am not going to speculate on it now.

Now here is the trick to it, so listen very carefully.

Take action when Creative Ideas hit you

The creative ideas flow that starts happening while you are in that adrenalinized state will not last forever and unless you act upon them, you will lose them.

So what, you are saying that if I am an engineer, I should start designing my project right there in the middle of the walk?

Well, not precisely…unless you have that kind of setup…

The concept I am suggesting is much simpler, but very effective still.

You remember the phone I mentioned earlier on?

Well, there is a catch indeed…

In order to use your phone, you will need to have a notepad app installed.

use a phone or a notepad during your inspirational walk to find creative ideas

That is it.

I know, not a big deal right…

..but it is essential, unless you prefer a pen and paper instead.

So having the tools with you, when that idea hits you, just open your phone app or pull out those analogic tools and start writting the idea down.

…even if it is just a small, simple idea…or a title of it.

Sometimes you will notice that after writting down just a title, a new stream of more ideas about the topic will almost magically hit you and you may end up writting a full article if that happens or a full plan about a project you are working on.

If that flow doesn’t come, don’t worry or stress about it too much and continue your walk as a new idea might be just behind the corner.

…literally and metamorphically.

Worst case scenario, you will have had a good morning walk which many underappriciate (it’s healthy, you should care for that too!!).

Best or good case scenario, you will end up with a block of notes that when looked upon later, will help you remember those good ideas and be able to build upon them or rely them to your boss about a project, if you are using this approach for your job.

The concept works the same.

Rinse and repeat for great productivity and a steady stream of creative ideas

Now, remember…if you don’t get your life changing creative ideas as of your first morning walk, stay happy and optimistic about it and use it as an excuse to do some morning exercise if nothing else…

…but keep in mind, that if you keep doing it and you stick to the process and always write down the ideas that hit you, sooner or later you will get that great potentially life changing idea or at least a flow of good ones, for whatever your needs are.


What have we learned?

1.Ideas do not come by themselves…you gotta give them a nudge!!

2.Fresh morning air is good for your health!

3.And most importantly, having some sort of notepad when the ideas hit you, is essential, not to lose those great creative ideas, which may get lost in the back of your mind if you don’t record them on a tangible medium!!!

To conclude this article, if you see me some time standing on my own for a long time starring at my phone and seemingly typing, I am not messaging on whatsup or messnger, I am not even playing a moble game…

…although I might, they can be addictive 😉

…but the most likely what you will be witnessing is me being inspired and recording my inspiration…also for you, the reader’s pleasure 🙂

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