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What is Gala Games Metaverse - let's explore it!

what is gala games metaverse
This is their first game available and looks like something you could waste some time on playing...waste in a good way 🙂

In this article I want to talk a bit more about Gala Games Metaverse, but before I do, here is a “funny story” that I’d like to mention before that.

“Skip to the next section in case you don’t care about why on 26.11.2021 there was a global dip  <– by clicking on this text.

Or just use the table of contents to navigate through the article:

Global markets as well as crypto witness a significant drop

So you wonder what’s “funny” about it?

Well, after my last article, more precisely 5-8 hours after I published it claiming that crypto gaming wasn’t affected as much during the small crypto correction…

…bam, a significant drop happens to the whole market!

And when I say whole market, I don’t mean just crypto but all the markets everywhere, they all saw only the bloody red color on friday 26.11.2021. 

If you don’t believe me check some of the stock charts and other instruments for the day like this one for OIL which is one of the instruments/assets that got hit the hardest.

oil got hit hard during the global corona bad news

What does that actually mean you may wonder…

It means that the big money, whales or corporations  and big funds if you like, exited their positions big time on a global scale.

Now I don’t have the precise metrics about how much money was pulleded out of any markets, but the fact remains that it affected everyone globally.

With that being said, as some money in gaming crypto was likely institutional too, some of the prices droped as well and likely followed by “so called paperhands” who feared the worst and retreated into stable coins or actual fiat currencies.

If you were wondering what was the catalist for this selloff, check the article from here.

But let me give you a quick spoiler, it was the finding of a new COVID variation which brought big red alerts amongst medical scientists and consequently for the big financial institutions which pulled their money out to protect it in case the worst happens.

Now in this blog I am going to stay away from the covid topics as the whole narative has the whole world very much divided, but just wanted to mention it as it was the catalist for this selloff where otherwise the market was showing good signs of “recovery” and perhapse going back into an overall “bull mode”.

Now to the good part, as that was just a disclaimer on how much uncertainty there is in the world and with even the greatest news, one big bad one can turn everything upside down.

GALA Games Metaverse explored

So Gala Games is one of the 3 projects I mentioned in my previous article about the biggeest gainers (in the context of total marketcap if not % wise, as there are smaller capped coins even in the metaverse sphere who made bigger gains, is just that their market cap isn’t yet “worth mentioning” as a high runner).

In that context I want to say that I have been watching Gala Games and following their movements on Twitter for the past month and likely a bit longer too (tracking many projects is hard to keep track of every detail).

Since my last article where I mention I had the most knowledge about Sandbox and that I was bullish about it, the spike in price on Gala Games, made me go and do more due dilligence on it to learn what makes it so appriciateable for many people and the rise in price.

Disclaimer: I had and have money invested in it prior to the spike in price, I just wasn’t as aware what makes it as good.

What makes Gala Games and its Metaverse so special?

To find out what makes it so special, what I did, is to create an account on their platform and explored it on my own.

In fact, what I suggest for you is to do the same in order to get a grasp of what this is, how it works and why it might be a promissing project.

I think this applies with all crypto games that you hear about being promissing projects.

So what you should do is to try out the game and the platform/s for yourself.

If you are not a gamer, have your kid do it or a a neighbor’s kid…or a friend who is more keen on playing games…

…in any case, explore the project and see for yourself if you think the idea is good or not.

There is a good chance that if you find it awkward or bad/lame, others will do.

Same goes conversly, if it appeals to you, it might appeal to others too.

If that isn’t enough of a confirmation for you, then seek the opinion of other people who tried it and you will see where their view of it differs from yours and it will be easier for you to asses if the investment may or may not be a good idea.

What kind of games do they offer?

gala games metaverse games

Currently they have 5 games in the pipeline…actually Town Star and Spider Tanks are already in Beta play mode…which I assume is the reason for the rise in price for Gala Games.

People likely already tried it and liked by buying the platform NFTs and coins, which consequently made the price rise.

In this context I want to link you to a recent article from about how some individuals and groups are already investing big money into DIGITAL REALESTATE.

These kind of moves by rich individuals and groups show clearly that the metaverse is only starting out and some are already grabbing whatever “seems cheap” in the contex for how much they will be able to resell it at a later time when the whole metaverse evolves.

Continuing on the Gala Games…games, there are 3 other games that are currently in development:

2.Echoes of Empire

…and if they are as cool as their first two are, the Gala Games platform will be a certain success.

Town Star game on Gala...Farmville anyone?

town star - farmville on gala games

Now that is a picture from my tryout of the game and I didn’t put in too much effort as I just wanted to get a glimpse of what it is, how it looks and how it works.

If you want a tutorial about the game play, check this sample you tube video

The video and the author seem to have enough followers and likes so it should probably serve the purpose of giving you a better insight on it.

I also need to mention that I never actually played the Farmville game from Facebook as I don’t hang out too much on any social media, except when doing research…

…but, I used to play alot of Civilization 3 in my young days, so even though it’s not quite the same thing, I have an approximate idea on what Farmville is.

Now, onto Town Star…

The first impression was pretty good for a browser game.

The graphics are pleasant to the eye and after trying it out, the game seems to have various options on what you can do, so I believe you could easily go and waste alooot of time by playing it.

If that is a type of game you enjoy and the incentives are Gala tokens, Town tokens and various NFTs for playing it, you got yourself a winning combination.

…and I believe many people saw it or see it like that.

If you liked Farmville, why not play a version of it where you can actually earn some rewards playing it…and not just waste your time 😛

Spider tanks on Gala games quick mention

Unfortunatelly I had some issues with my internet and wasn’t able to download the game on my PC as it is available only on PC and MAC.

But the game is essentially a MOBA (Massive Online Battle Arena) where you collect NFT’s in the form of “tank parts” while battling with other players.

You can check this video on you tube, that shows you more on how it looks and is played.

Honestly the multi player onlines shoot’em all or free for all are not quite my thing, but I can see the appeal of collecting rare parts and assembling your tanks to splendor and uniqueness.

If you are a fan of this type of games, you will likely love it when you take in consideration the option to collect, buy, sell…possibly even rent the gear parts, along with enjoying the game itself.

Oh and there is also this Gala Games twitter announcement about some Korean Spider Tanks finals which might interest you. <–Click the link for the twitter announcement and more information about it.

Gala Games interface and dashboard

Before actually trying Town Star, what really impressed me is how smooth and nice does their interface and dashboard look.

Very profesionally made and easy to navigate with everything very understandable.

Here are some pics of it:

Gala Games Metaverse store

The store lets you buy and sell your items for each of the games. 

Currently there are also some items in pre sale for games like Mirandus which is actually still in development.

gala games metaverse inventory
Gala Games Metaverse Balances Inventory

This is where you will be able to track your balances of Eth, Gala, BAT, Town token and other things as they will likely add more stuff with time.

gala games metaverse games
Gala Games Metaverse Games list with details on upcoming ones as well

So this tab shows you the current games available you can start playing as well as which are already announced as upcomming and in development…

along with more details about who released them, what platforms they can be played on and a link to the store in case there are some NFTs already available for sale.

gala games - how to get gala
Gala Games Metaverse - How to get Gala

This tab shows you how you can earn Gala by getting and operating a Node or where to buy it – which exchanges trade the token with links to the sites.

The pics aren’t the sharpest but you can see how easy the navigation on the platform looks and I am sure you will have the same opinion if you try them out.

Here is a link for the Gala Games registration page to create an account if you are interested and want to get convinced on your own by trying them out.

gala games account settings and security
Gala Games Metaverse account settings and security

Something that is super important to me is also the fact tha along with this nice settings interface they offer you the option for 2FA (two factor authentication) to protect your account.

Whether you deposited some crypto on it or earned tokens and NFT’s by playing the Gala games, you want to be sure your belongings are safe and secure…at least I know I do.

gala games metaverse statistics
Their own statistics and metrics that give you an overview on how they are trailing so far!


Now this is just a quick and short round up of what I managed to find out while trying their platform and game for a few hours:

1. Gala Games has a great user experience dashboard
2. They have 2 games in beta game play with alot of hype on them already (which you can tell by the marketcap they have despite markets being shaky) and 3 other in development.
3. They have people interested in what they are offering. Judging from their stats metrics, 1,3M active monthly users + plenty of twitter followers.
4. Plenty of NFT’s already available to buy and sell.
5. They already have a “TOWN” token which possibly will also rise in price once the Town Star game fully takes off.
6. Security for your account to protect your assets.

For me along with other information like their twitter announcements, some bulish videos on you tube about the gameplay of their games is enough to have a positive outlook on them.

How about you? 

If you want to try them out here is a link for the Gala Games registration page to create an account in case you skipped through some pictures and missed the link above.

And for this article this is it.

Today I just wanted to share my first impressions on this great project after actually trying it…

…and not just following information which already was good and bulish enough.

Hopefully it gave you a bit of insight about them or at least an incentive to look for more information to be able to decide for yourselves if this project is actually as good as it appears to me or is it just pure hype and FOMO.

If you liked the article, share it with friends and people who might be interested in such topics…and don’t forget to smash the like button.

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