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Sandbox, Decentraland and Gala Metaverse Crypto making high gains during smaller overall correction

crypto metaverse bulls
Are you a bulls fan?

For those of you not following crypto as closely because of other life obligations like family, jobs or similar because you are not an active trader/investor, let me tell you what just happened in the past week or 2 since my last post about crypto gaming.

In that post I mention how crypto gaming has become the new kid on the block for showcasing what crypto can do for comunities in addition to what was shown till now.

Crypto gaming introduces some new concepts and layers how crytpo and smart contracts can be used that is easier to understand and more valuable for the masses.

Plenty of people play games and many of those games like World of Worldcraft contain in game objects that are centralized on the servers of the game owners and are never entirely owned by the players playing the game.

What crypto did for gaming is to track with smart contracts and undisputedly accredit ownership of those items and ingame currency earned to the players who earned them on the blockchain of the platform running the game or metaverse.

NFTs is a concept, a token that represents those digital objects and their ownership via smart contracts which allows for players and owners to use them, rent them or even sell them for their pleasure if they choose so. 

Overall market corrections but good news for crypto games some making 700% returns in a month span

Given what I mentioned above in the short introduction, some of the games that I mentioned in my previous post (and others) went quite parabolic.

Some were on a good run already while I was putting the article up, but then continued their rally…

…and some will still push up when their developers deploy the actual games or at least some aplha’s or beta’s on the market for some of the projects.

The main player and the leader for these crypto games Axie Infinity, didn’t make much of a splash since then, it mostly ranged in price keeping a relatively steady price between 120-140$/AXS.

So which Crypto gaming projects were the big winners?

For those not paying attention, Decentraland is one of these big gainers along with SANDBOX and Gala games. 

There are other projects that I follow which had massive gains, but some of them don’t have a relyable marketcap according to Coinmarketcap, so I am not listing those, but instead projects which I already mentioned in my previous post who had a decent marketcap already and showed promise.

crypto games massive gains

Between those 3, 2 of them made 700%+ gains in about a month’s time while decentraland made “only” a 500%-ish return on your investment.

For some reason in my last post I did not mention Decentraland as a good project, but there are other good ones I didn’t mention either and some of them are still very low on the marketcap too.

So why did these and other crypto gaming projects sky rocket?

In my last post and other blog posts I mentioned that following these projects on twitter can yield good information that can lead to profitable trades and that is what happened.

You can still check the twitter of DecentralandSandbox and Gala Games for yourself and follow them either to verify my information or to keep an eye on them and see why these massive gains were made and why more may follow.

The reason for the projects to rally despite an otherwise (still healthy) crypto market small correction, was that these projects released information about the actual release of new features or the alpha of a certain project that players and the market were awaiting for so long.

An example and this is a very time sensitive information as it potentially applies until the end of the month only is for SANDBOX.

If you explore their platform, twitter and their project you will learn that is a great project and if they keep up with what they are doing and promissing now, this project could easily overcome Axie Infinity in the total market cap in due time.

The main reason which I want to mention is this one though. Check the picture as it’s directly from their twitter account:

sandbox turnament and prize announcement
The picture isn't of the best quality as that hinders mobile reders a bit, so check their twitter if you want the information red firsthand.

What they mention in that pinned post is an announcement for the alpha of their game/project/platform that was being built for the past 3 years where 1000 SAND and NFT’s can be won (check current price and do some math 🙂 ).

The anticipation for it is what likely made the rally happen as in order to be eligible for the 1000 SAND and NFTs, you need to get an alpha pass -> more info on this link.

But basically only a select number of people will be granted an alpha pass…

…initally 1000 players or better said owners of land in the SANDBOX metaverse.

So in order to obtain an aplha or VIP pass and get the chance to win 1000 SAND and exclusive NFTs, you need to own land and by owning more lots, you get more chances at the raffle for those VIP tickets.

Other people will be able to experience the SANDBOX metaverse too, but only those 1000 ppl will initally be able to play and earn on the platform as the VIP pass is what will enable you to earn while playing in the alpha.

Am I too late for the alpha passes and the opportunity to earn on the SANDBOX metaverse?

If you are wondering if you are too late for it, well, that is one reason why I mentioned it is of time sensitive nature.

Sandbox announced that from 22.11.2021 until 28.11.2021 you can register for the raffle, which means you can buy land on their metaverse and register for the raffle until then in order to be eligible, so if you are interested, go and do that here.

In case you were wondering, that is the main reason why the price surged so much.

Likely many people will want to partake or have the opportunity to play and earn on the Sandbox metaverse so they went out and bought the land which increased the price of the token.

You could also buy your VIP sandbox metaverse ticket

If you want to get one of those VIP accesses with all the benefits, there is also the possibility of buying it from someone that won it in the raffle by owning some land in the Sandbox metaverse.

Want an honest opinion?

It likely won’t be cheap…if you manage to actually find a seller, as 1000 tickets with hunreds of thousands or milions of interesants is likely that all of the 1000 tickets will be used by their respective winners.

Just check their twitter followership to see how many people like their project…and that is likely not even the complete metric as many people don’t even have or use twitter (I myself didn’t until very recently either).

Don't despair, after alpha launch there will be more ticket raffles

After the alpha launches in subsequent weeks, more aplha passes will be granted to people following Sandbox on their social media on a weekly basis.

So if you don’t manage to get a pass immediatly, but are very intrigued to enter their metaverse and use what they offer for their play to earn players, then make sure to check the link above about the details where they mention more in detail how that works.

Other ways to take advantage of this Sandbox alpha release

Apart from the launch of the sandbox metaverse aplha, there are of course other ways to profit from this event occuring.

So what I am about to mention is the 2nd reason why I stated this was a time sensitive matter.

Once alpha is released, people will either like it, love it, hate it or be neutral.

In either case, we will not know until it happens.

What we do know is that everyone and their cat is quite pumped about the news of the alpha release which is causing the rise in price for Sandbox.

With knowing that, what I can assert is that until the game gets played the SAND coin is likely to appriciate in value for the reasons stated above plus because some other people like me are thinking about it in the same manner and are speculating on the price value rise.

If along the land buyers in the Sandbox metaverse there are also some whales who see what I see, big amounts of money are and could be poured in until 29.11.2021 and what you can do is add your cup and take your share.

Is this a guarantee or financial advice?

Well, wouldn’t put it quite like that as I am not one, but from experince I would say that is a pretty valid prediction and if you bought the token in the past week or 2 and likely until 29.11.2021 and then go and sell it on the alpha release date or a day before, you will likely capitalise on some fast gains.

In my personal opinion given Sandboxes’ current rally it could easily reach or surpass even Axie Infinity in price until the alpha launches.

Additional ways to capitalize on Sandbox token if you are a long term project believer

So what I mentioned above can be treated either as a fast profits track or a long term profit option, depending on how the project performs in the long term.

On the other hand if you are a straight believer in the project, what I can suggest you as I do it myself too, is to stake the token and earn good yields from it.

In fact if that is something that may interest you, you can buy and stake SAND tokens for a 50% APY (which stands for 50% returns on a yearly basis), which is what I personally do for projects I believe in for the long term.

So yeah, you got me, even though I mentioned above a quick way to profit, I am a long term believer in the prioject and I stake most of the SAND tokens I own.

If you want to do that too, this is the exchange where you can do it for a 50% APY.

sandbox staking on bitby
Click on the image to visit the registration page

Conversly on Binance you can stake SAND “for only” 11-19% APY, but there are other tokens that if you own you should likely stake on binance as they offer high returns on other stakings.

There is also this article about Axie Infinity staking I made last month but still applies.

So if you like Axie Infintiy and a 110% APY staking return, check it out for more info (it used to be 115% for 1 month staking but was readjusted to “110% only”, but there are other options so check out the article for more information).

Other Metaverse projects price appriciation

Personally I folow sandbox the most as I am an investor in it for a few months already (at least) and I know a bit more about it.

Nevertheless, I can tell the main reason why both of the other 2 projects I initally mentioned, therefore Decentraland and Gala games made such big gains…and it’s because they are in fact Gaming Metaverses as well.

The key word is Metaverse, which means a digital world where people can interact and do multiple things within it, not just play the game.

If we take in consideration some other game projects which rose, but not so much, it is mainly because they are just individual games and not entire metaverse platforms of which:

  • MyNeighborAlice
  • Illuvium
  • Alienworlds
  • Mines of Dalarnia
And likely others as I do not follow them all.

Having said that, there are certainly other interesting metaverse projects without too much going on at the moment in the terms of available news and developments, but that I am closely watching and will likely post in future posts if things evolve.

On the other hand of the 4 gaming projects mentioned above, Illuvium and MyNeighborAlice are likely to be big hits once they come out.

The first one rose in price quite massively only after it’s game trailer was spoiled about 1 month ago.

…and the other one being a farmville version on the blockchain -> MyNeighborAlice which if they deliver on the promises will likely be a big hit and possibly both have a chance to overcome Axie Infinity in the number of players and marketcap.

That is of course if SkyMavis, the company behind Axie Infinity doesn’t have something to say about it in the mean time by adding onto the Axie game or expanding on how it can interact with other gaming platform with it’s NFT’s and native currency AXS.

Mines of Dalarnia a quick mention

Mines of Dalarnia is a relatively new player in the gaming metaverse and can’t say in which direction they will go, but from testing their game for a bit, it certainly looks fun and something you could spend time by playing…

So lets wait and see about it before giving any actual verdicts, but I can say that if things are done right allowing players to get into the game and get an opportunity to earn some money while digging through the tunnels and more, the game could easily be a success…

…especially if they make a good mobile version for it as that is likely one of the factors that made Axie Infinity popular –> having a mobile app (which you can not download from google play, but only by navigating to their website from your phone and downloading the app)


Well lets recap a bit what I mentioned or wanted to point out:

1. Crypto games started it’s rise to glory a few months ago slowly (they did even earlier, but the rammifications of the developers’s work showed up only recently).
2. They seem to be somewhat detached from the main crypto tokens doing their own thing.
3. Metaverse gaming projects are likely to rise higher in price as they offer more to the players in the context of what they can do or use the platform for.
4. You should follow the projects of intrerest on their social media, but not for them and their marketing, but for you to be informed of what is going on with their project and not miss out on a great opportunity.
5. There are still plenty of crypto games and crypto metaverse projects (gems) that are low on the total marketcap only starting out but with great support and/or backing from big companies.

To suplement the number 5 let me link you to an article saying that Adidas is partnering with Coinbase to explore the metaverse which confirms that big players are supporting the metaverse concept and more are likely to come and join.

And this is it for today’s article.

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