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make your assets pay for your bills
Instead of constantly worrying about monthly bills, find, get or create assets that will take care of you!!

I spoke already about using assets and the concept of paying yourself first…or maybe it’s an article that is still on the pipeline to be released.

Anyhow, the idea is to find, gain or create an asset and then use the income generated from it to pay for your livelihood instead of using your active monthly income (your job for example is an active income as you actively work for it) for it.

How do you do that?

Glad you asked.

There are plenty of ways to employ this concept and favor from it of which I already speak in the Top 3 Passive Income Ideas 2021 – Discover How To article.

In this instance though I want to speak about something very specific and very affordable to much anyone.

So what is this briliant idea/concept?

Helium miner as an asset for passive income

Yes, it is the Helium miner.

What is this miner, same as the graphic miners for crypto?

Yes and no. 

Here is an article of mine that gives you more information and resources about it in general:
What is Helium crypto and how Helium mining works .

The idea here is much simpler and cheaper in both terms of initial investment and in your recurring costs.

As a disclaimer, I want to say that I own one…actually 3, 2 more are being shipped and I will get them in November 2021 if luck is on my side.

To continue, this miner is basically a LORA antenna that sends radio signals for roughly 16km in each direction looking to connect with other miners/hotspots in order to provide an IOT network covrage on which smart devices can conect and use for whatever low data transmissions tracking comes to mind (track your cat via its colar device for example)

Btw LORA stands for LOng RAnge and is meant for long range radio transmissions, duh. 

Having given this basic introduction on helium and how it works, how can I use it to pay for my livelihood, or how do you do it?

How much can you earn with a Helium miner as an asset?

Well personally where I currently live the positioning is a bit bad as I live on the loby floor and the area is surrounded by multiple condominial buildings so not the ideal position for a LORA miner, so I will need to move to another place where the miner positioning is better (higher floor in the building for example)!

In fact I have been testing it in various locations and setups to figure out where it works best.

Contrary to me, there is a fella, a friend of a friend that has his miner on a hill 200m above sea level and it has earned him around 22HNT in one month if not more already. –> Check on this link or the picture below.

helium miner as a passive income asset
Positioning of the miner high allows it to transmit and capture more signals from other miner devices hence earn more!

So what does this translate into?

On current helium prices that would be 22X21$= 500$ roughly .

Now, I dont know where you live and the price of living in your country, but 500$ can cover a nice portion of your living monthly expenses.

From the example mentioned above, that guy lives on a relatively high above sea level position, but similar earnings can be achieved in an area with multiple miners in your city (check the link it shows an area with multiple miners and a well positioned miner that earned 14HNT for the month) where people earned this much, more but also less depending on how they set it up. 

helium miners as passive income assets
This is what you should see on the link...sometimes I have issues loading them.

The smart miners placement is at least 5-10-20 metters in height and possibly with an outdoor antena, for best results.

Here is a link from a guy, that shares more specific information about helium antena placement .

To resume, that basically means that you can go and find an appartment to rent in a high building in your city where there are already plenty of miners like the one on the picture above and get your share of the rewards.

The better you postion your miner the better the results!

What about the electricity, I heard miners consume alot of it and polute the environment because of it?

Yeah, not this one.

This one has a consumption of only 5 watt, which if you compare is less then the low consumption light bulbs.

So conceptually this is it for what I wanted to mention here, if you have an option, go get a miner and start employing your asset to pay for your rent…and if you are lucky (or determined) and find a good spot, you may even make some extra on the side.

Check the Helium map for your own area if there are already miners around you or simply check the monthly earnings of this guy in the USA.

USA helium miners as passive income assets
If the picture is a bit blury but it shows around 900$ monthly earnings!!

The gadget currently costs roughly 350€ + shipping or at least that is how much I paid for mine including the import taxes.

Here is a link to a list of some manufacturers in case you want to buy one: Helium miners manufacturers list and links to their websites. (scroll down to the area as shown in the picture below.

list of helium miner manufacturers


The idea of making assets is a very broad topic and the Helium miner mentioned in this article is just a simple idea I and other people around the world already employ to help themselves and alleviate some of their time with the passive income an asset like that can generate.

So if you like this concept and idea, check my other articles about finance where I mention very simple to employ ideas that demonstrate where or how you can get assets and make them work for you so you don’t have to work as hard yourself.

If you want more articles like this or you have a question about the post, leave a comment below or on the websites facebook page and I will get back to you.

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