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Are you ever taking notes?

are you ever taking notes
You see, policemen are smart, they take notes even during job time

Well, you should!

Let me start this article by saying that: 


You heard that perfectly right.

Whenever I get an idea I think has some potential, I write it down.

When I am at home I have a big old notes book, where I jot my ideas since while back.

Otherwise when “in open field”, I have a note taking app, where I record my ideas and flows that come to mind at a time of inspiration.

Are they any good?

Most probably suck and will never use them.

Some of them on the other hand are inspirational and reading them back in a moment of gloom and empty thoughts, inspires me back to take action or lead to a new, better or redesigned idea I might actually use in practice.

In this post I am going to explain my thought process why should you be taking notes.

Actually, I am going to ask you various questions along the way to help you realize on your own why taking notes is not a good, but a great idea!

Use the table of contents to navigate thorugh the post if you wanna skim through…

…although this time the post is not too long, so you should be fine even without it…but just in case, here you go:

Table of Contents

Taking notes when being inspired

taking notes when being inspired

Are you ever inspired?

Do you ever get a good flow of ideas…

…or just an idea?

Unless you have some heavy brain damage, I am certain you do.

Ok now that we established that you are a smart and inspired person, what now?

Nothing, best of luck to you and I wish you to acomplish those ideas.


Just kidding.

Fact is, that realizing we are full of good ideas is step 1 and most people never even get to this point.

Can you give me 3 good ideas from the top of your head that you thought in your life?

I am sure if you try super hard, you will likely remember a few mediocre ones or such that either gave you hard dissapointment or great sattisfaction if you accomplished them, right?

The problem here is that without taking notes, you allowed yourself or better to say you let yourself get those ideas away.

Most of us are very idea-less on an average day or have a flow of very low ceiling ideas.

Does that mean we should just give up and wait for “The Great Idea day” in order to accomplish something?

What do you think…is that productive?

I mean, do you know when your next burst of ideas will come?

Personally…I don’t.

That is why I am taking notes.

Not just on the Great Idea Day, but I am taking notes every day, whenever something sprouts in my mind.

Are those ideas great?

To not repeat myself from above, I will say that many help me develop a “next level idea” or help me towards thinking towards a determined direction.

Those notes I take, when revisited, help me remember what I was considering…

…and reviewing them “with fresh eyes” helps me decide if this is something I should continue working on or simply stash for some other time or ditch alltogether.

Taking notes on the "Great Idea Days"

Now that hopefully we established that taking notes is helpfull, what is with this Great Idea Day?

It is just a way of saying that on those days that you have a burst of ideas, you should be even keener of taking notes down about those ideas as they will come in handy “on the Rainy days”, when you are out of any ideas and you need a refreshing or bolstering.

On the days you feel you are going to conquer the world with your ideas (must admit I had a few of those lately 😉 ), make sure to take those notes down!!


Well this article is a perfect example of an idea that came to me on a Great Idea Day.

On that day I wrote plenty of notes for some of the articles I wrote or are still in the queue to be written.

By taking those notes, I helped myself to be productive even on a day where my productivity started very low, but I knew I wanted to publish something usefull.

Some of the articles I write sprout in my mind on the day I write them and they get published the same day…

…unless they are one of those long articles which I start when inspired and then continue adding onto them for a few days until a 10K words article comes out 🙂

So moral of the story:


3 ways you can use note taking and raise your productivity

These are 3 ways from my personal experience that I use to bolster my productivity by taking notes:

  1. Taking notes during daily routines and even at night!
  2. Bookmarking interesting websites while surfing on the internet
  3. Taking notes as reminders and for planing 

1. Taking notes during daily routines and even at night!

Taking notes during daily routines and even at night

You can start taking notes by buying a notes book…and I don’t mean a laptop computer, it is not a spelling error, I mean a literal notes book, one of those things you use a pen to write into.

For what I am concerned, you can even take an old one, one that was lying in one of your drawers for a long time collecting dust.

Keep it with you during the day at the office or at home.

You can even have more then one if you want to split your office work and home ideas and keep them separated.

What I do, is keep it next to my bed.


Well, do you ever have those hard to fall asleep nights when there is constantly something flowing through your mind?

Well for me those are generally ideas running throug my head about what I want to do or accomplish.

Sometimes worries accompany those ideas too, but I make sure to show them the door out and keep only the good ideas flowing.

In those moments if an interesting idea strikes me about a project or something I could put in practice…I take my notes book and write that idea down.

Sometimes that keeps repeating every 5-15 minutes and I keep “waking up” and adding onto those ideas for the “hard cold winter”.

And you want to know the best part?

By doing so, I actually help my self fall asleep!!


Well, because I am not worried anymore that the idea is going to escape me and I am not going to remember it tomorrow, beacuse I wrote it down.

By taking notes, I can allow my mind to clear out that thought from “my mind server” as I know it is stored in a note and I can review it whenever in the next day or after waking up, which consequently helps me fall asleep faster and easier.

And that is what they call, taking two stones with one bird…

…I mean 1 bird with 2 stones.

Ugh, it looks like I should have taken notes about that  expression…

Anyway, I think you got the gist of it.

By taking notes at night, I keep track of my good ideas so I don’t forget them…

…and as a bonus for doing that, I allow my brain to release the clinging feeling from that thought and therefore help myself fall asleep faster.

If you don’t believe me this works, try it yourself and let me know your experience in the comments below 🙂

2. Bookmarking interesting websites as a way of taking notes

bookmarking is a way of taking notes
Hope you are not bookmarking like him

When surfing the web looking for materials for my blog, financial information about stocks, crypto currencies or some passive income idea and I happen to stumble upon interesting reading material or tool, if I currently don’t have time to analyze it closely, what do I do?

What would you, or what do you yourself do?

Me, I make a bookmark about them.

If you are running  website, you can also use something like evernote where you can store your own website url bookmarks to share them <– like this for example.

Sometimes if the article is related to a topic I am currently exploring I skim quickly through it, reading some title tags or a quick paragraph.

If I find that the topic is closely related to what I am doing, exploring or researching now, I keep on reading to absorb the usefull info.

On the other hand if the information happens to be remotely related to some other to me interesting topic, I simply bookmark it.

If the offered title doesn’t match my association with why that article or web page got my attention, I put a title of my own on the bookmark that reminds me about it’s topic.

What about you?

Do you do the same, do you keep bookmarks of the interesting sites you visit and want to revisit for more info?

First of all, if you don’t, you are making a big mistakes, beacause that would be the same as claiming “I know it all”.

And second of all, you are missing on potential ideas because bookmarking is basically the same things as taking notes, except you don’t need to write down the note yourself as somebody already did it for you by writting that article or creating that tool 🙂 

3. Taking notes as reminders

taking notes as reminders
Make sure to take out the trash!!

Well this one is maybe a more straightforward one, but nontheless not the least important or to say, something that everyone is doing by default.

On the contrary, taking notes as a way of reminding yourself what you need to do or as a way of planning things is way more important then you might imagine.

I will likely be posting a separate article about the topic of planning…

…and btw, that is also one of the topics that sprung to me when I was doing something entirely different (planning how to do some finance related things) and I figured at one point that I need to make a plan on how to do things properly.

Well, there you have it.

In that short moment when I was thinking about how I need to plan my next financial moves and how important the planning part of it is, it hit me that I needed to write this down and write a post about it.

Which I will, but not today.

But that note acted as a reminder to write about the plan. 

Final thoughts about taking notes

What have explained/learned about?

What taking notes isn’t:

Taking notes is not a random activity you do out of boredom.

Taking notes doesn’t take a genious to do.

When taking notes you are not loosing time.

What taking notes helps you achieve:

If you are taking notes it raises your productivity on an average day.

Taking notes helps you with planing.

And even though it’s likely not the last thing, but want to keep it short and sweet, taking notes helps you to fall asleep better, knowing your smart and important thougths are written down for you to check upon whenever you feel like it.

And remember this:


You can quote me on that one.

With having said that, this is about it on what I had to say about note taking…for the moment at least 🙂

If I find more notes about this topic, I will make an additional post and link to it from this one…for a better overview.

Comment, like and share if you enjoyed the read and check for more soon.

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