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What do you want to answer when people ask you "Who Are You"?

who are you

This is a question that popped into my head just recently.

What made me think about it?

And what does it even mean?

Personally, my life is going in a good direction…at least financially.

So one day when I was contemplating whether to write a blog post or work on my other project idea, instead I didn’t feel like doing either, so I went to play some pinball.

I love pinball, enjoy the game really much.

So I went to the local acquapark where they have some games and I put up a session of a few hours.

So what does this have to do with the question “Who are you”?

Well, let me just say that as much as I enjoy playing pinball, it’s not like the only thing I enjoy in my life , but honestly I am not sure I always did what I wanted to do….

…I still don’t think I do.

Can you relate?

Do you always or even at all do what you want in your life?

Let me shift you somehwere else.

My pinball escapade was just an intermezzo before going to the real question at hand.

Imagine going on a date.

We all go at times, some more, others less, but nontheless.

You do some small talk, you joke around, but during all of that or maybe during your 2nd or 3rd date, these kind of questions start poping out usually:

Who are you in life?

What do you like to do?

Who do you want to be ?

What do you want to achieve  in life?

And don’t get me wrong, these kind of questions get asked more on job interviews or other meetings and congregations…

…but I wanted to put you in a nice spot, to picture yourself on a date as that is usually the time we feel happy about life.

Ok, enough with the pleasantries, back to the issue at hand.

So during one of these talks with whomever you wanna picture on the other side, the questions above get asked.

Maybe not all.

Perhapse not even in the same order as I wrote them, but some of them get out in the open and there you are facing them.

So what is your answer?

So what do you answer?

I am sure in those few miliseconds, before you utter some nonsense, all sort of things pass through your mind.

But most of us end up giving some lame answer, we ourselves don’t even like.

Raise your hand who is with me….

No one?

Then I guess it’s just me…or at least, you can read the rest of the article as a story about me, so that way you don’t feel bad for yourself in case you’re on the same boat 😉

What I realized

Well, lets continue with me then, shall we.

And for the “what I realized” part, I realized that if someone asks me that question, I am not really happy giving them the answer of who I am.

I mean, don’t get me wrong…there is nothing wrong with me (at least I think so, hehe) but when someone asks me:

Who are you or what do you do in your life?

When I mention my life experiences, nothing is really intresting enough so that I wanna cry it out loud.

Usually I stutter for a moment and then proceed with telling them (reluctantly) some of my hobbies or life experiences hoping they didn’t hear what I said.

Why is it so?

Does my life suck?

Has there been nothing interesting in my life?


There has been plenty of stuff that happened to me and things that I did about which you can read in my first article here.

But that is beside the point here.

What I realized why I am reluctant of talking about it, is because none of it really fullfilled me or made me very proud.

Now there certainly are a few things I am proud of and that is the info/knowledge I share on this blog…this is my pride coming out, but..!

What I figured out is that what I want to talk to people is about this blog and how writting about things makes me feel good.

Another thing is my next project which is a Social platform for short videos (initially).

What I want to do is “create these things”, make them work and talk about them with pride.

What I don't want to be doing

While there are things I want to be doing, there are also things I have been doing but don’t want to be doing anymore.

One of these things is feeling bad about my ideas and things I want to accomplish.

Feeling like my ideas are worthless and that everyone else has great ideas, while mine are doomed to failure.


Or is it just me again?

I have proven to myself countless times that when I wanted to get something done and I persevered I managed to get there.

It doesn’t mean I got there instantaneously or without any hardships.

Heck, some things took me more then 10 years to get done.

But I am here, I did it and I am doing it now.

How about you?

Have you ever accomplished anything in life that you can be proud of and would be willing to tell it to the whole world?

If that is so…which I believe it’s true for each and everyone of us, then just set your goal of what you want to be and what you want to do….

and the next time someone asks you… 


You can tell them with all your pride as you are living your life to your full extent.

Ok, that is all I got for today. 

Questions and comments bellow.

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